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For your convenience, below are links to Hague and Non-Hague countries. Please note that this list changes as more countries join the Hague Convention and we often update the lists on our website.

The process can be a complicated one involving various government agencies, local consulates, as well as embassies in Washington DC. Especially with the pandemic wrapping its arms around us, deadlines are longer than they were before. Let Center City Notary Apostille and/or Legalize your documents on your behalf. At Center City & Apostille Company we will help you get this done timely and efficiently, with care and the utmost professionalism. Deadlines are more difficult due to the pandemic but we work hard to expedite and deliver your documents in a timely manner.


An Apostille, (a-pos-TEE, French for certification), is a certificate that authenticates the signature of a document. Apostilles are issued by the Secretary of State of the state where the document originated. The Apostille verifies the authenticity of a public official’s signature and seal. Depending on the destination country, a document that is intended for international use may need either an Apostille or Legalization. Without these certifications, your document may not be recognized in a foreign country.

In 1961 various countries entered into the Hague Convention.
  • If the COUNTRY OF DESTINATION is NOT a Member of the 1961 Hague Convention, Embassy Legalization must be obtained. We refer to this as a “Non-Hague Countries”.
  • If the COUNTRY OF DESTINATION IS a Hague Country, it will need to be notarized by the Secretary of the in which the document originated. We refer to this as a “Hague Country”.
If the document is to be used in a Non-Hague country, a more complex process for legalization is required. In those cases, after first being authenticated by the specific Department of State, the documents will require further processing at the federal level and/or may need to be presented to consulates and/or embassies.
There are also situations where translation is required and we have a staff of “certified translators” who can assist you.

As the authentication legalization process varies from country to country, the time and cost of obtaining an authentication can differ. Please contact us AT 215-870-3103 for information and a quote. If out of the country please use WHAT’S APP.