New Network Notary

Order your FBI Background Check from one the Approved FBI Channelers.  For your convenience, click the button below.

Apostilles FBI Background Check


Federal background checks include searches for criminal offenses prosecuted through U.S. federal courts. … With a federal job background check, a prospective employer can collect any records held by the federal criminal courts, including all case documents.
Once you have the document,  you can forward the document right to Doubleup Consulting by email.   If it comes with a Password please make sure to include it in your Order. 
We will then process the Background Check.  Our Washington, DC colleague will hand carry the document(s) to the Department of State Office of Authentications.
Once completed, the document will be shipped to you at the address provided on the Order Form.
For information and/or a quote, please contact Doubleup Consulting at 1-800-673-3174 or 215-870-3103.