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What Are Estate Planning Documents

Whether you have a  WILL, a POWER of ATTORNEY, a HEALTH CARE PROXY or ALL OF THE ABOVE including TRUST DOCUMENTS…  At Center City Notary, we are always available to assist you with the notarization of your estate planning document(s).
We can assist you by using REMOTE NOTARIZATION or you can come to our office located in Center City, PA.
We do suggest you make an appointment.
Our notaries are professional and understand the confidentiality of these documents.
We work closely with attorneys and other trust professionals.  If we are representing the Attorney or Trust Professional, we will follow his or her instructions carefully. We understand the importance of having these critical documents delivered to all stakeholders, whether it be the settlor / grantor / trustor / trustee, or beneficiary. If we are acting as the representative of the Attorney or Trust Professional, once the document(s) have been signed and notarized, we will ensure that any document(s) you require to be returned to your office are promptly returned by private courier or FedEx/UPS.