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Vital Statistics Documents

Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees must be original documents and notaries cannot put a stamp or seal on any of those documents.  A person must obtain an exemplified copy of a Marriage License or Divorce Decree which needs to be apostilled.
Vital Statistics documents, such as transcripts, diplomas, and degree certificates, are often used abroad. According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, only a school’s official signature can provide the notarial act.  Some schools and/or universities have a notary on staff and provide the document(s) already notarized.
If not, this means that a notary public must meet with the school official in person. Self-attested school records (where you, not the school official) authenticate the veracity of the document of the school record often need to be apostilled or legalized for use abroad.
The client must make the appointment and must be with you when you meet with the school official.